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Career Coaching for NEW ACTORS

Level up your in-person & on-camera presence

Career Coaching

Whether you are a beginner or not, in this day and age having an online presence is more important than ever.  That presence not only includes a website and bio but social media as well. 

Jordan has spent the last 25 years as an on-camera talent. Whether it's on set, on social media, or in the boardroom Jordan's years of experience provide battle-tested wisdom and perspective for those looking to level up both their on-camera and or public persona.

Email today to discuss a coaching session.

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Mel & Liz Casting :  An amazing talent...always top of mind...Jordan rocks!


Laurie Records Casting : Jordan consistently shines, he's such a pro. I can always count on him to impress my clients....

not to mention me!

Antoinette Walker (student) :  Jordan combines wisdom and humor and packs in a plethora of information into every class...I always look forward to our sessions!



Jordan constantly looks for ways to grow and improve himself. At the forefront, he has carved out an impressive resume on television, making his mark as a Reality TV host, but his mastery of the spoken word not only served him well on shows like NBC's For Love or Money and Vh1's Tool Academy and his work as a commercial spokesman but also as a motivational speaker and talent coach. Jordan has assimilated over 20 years of work as an actor and in his coaching, disseminates those learned skills to his clients.  

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